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Early Childhood Education State Preschool

Welcome to El Rancho Unified School District’s Early Learning Program, which is in the 35th year of service to the community!

As a program, our goal is simple; each day we strive to provide your child with a world class preschool experience that will provide him or her the foundation to excel academically and become absolutely anything or anyone they desire.
Utilizing the same instructional materials that children will use in kindergarten, our preschool teachers provide direct, systematic instruction to ensure that children learn the prerequisite skills for entry to kindergarten.
The results for children who attend our program are striking—students leave our classrooms knowing letter names and sounds, recognizing numbers, possessing early writing skills, and - perhaps most importantly - thinking critically and creatively. In short, your child will depart our preschool program primed and ready to succeed in kindergarten.

Highly Trained Teachers
Our programs are staffed by highly trained teachers. Trainings are customized to address key instructional strategies that will result in optimal teaching and learning in all preschool classrooms.


A Focus on Literacy
Teaching preschool children the alphabet is a huge component of getting them ready to succeed in kindergarten. In ERUSD preschool classrooms, children master the alphabet with the Alphafriends program-- a developmentally appropriate system for teaching letter names and their corresponding sounds.
Each week, preschool teachers introduce their students to a new letter of the alphabet. Over the course of each week, children sing, dance, read, paint, and write about their new Alphafriend. And, by Friday, children are experts on the letter of the week!
As Alphafriends is also used in kindergarten classrooms, it offers an ideal foundation for transitioning to elementary school. By the end of the school year, preschoolers learn all 26 letters of the alphabet and are prepared to enter kindergarten ready to read and achieve!

Math Instruction
ERUSD Early Learning Program is launching a new math curriculum. Acquired with grant assistance from First 5 LA, “Numbers Plus” is a comprehensive, research based mathematics program for preschool students.
Aligned with the standards of the National Council for the Teachers of Mathematics, Numbers Plus provides students with key foundational math skills that they will need for success in elementary school and beyond.
Each of the program’s 120 lessons gives children opportunities to participate in hands-on activities that promote solid concept development and problem solving skills. For example, children play with interesting materials like colorful number cubes to perform basic addition and manipulate 3D shapes to learn about geometry; these important early experiences will lay the foundation for ERUSD’s preschoolers to become the mathematicians of tomorrow!

Arts Education
Utilizing the Art in Action curriculum, preschool students study the lives and masterpieces of several great artists over the course of the school year. To promote oral language development and critical thinking, children participate in “art talks” with their teachers in which they discuss and analyze great works of art from such notable greats as Vincent Van Gogh, Pierre Auguste Renoir, and Wasily Kandinsky.
After learning about the artists and studying their work, children then roll up their sleeves and get to work producing their own masterpieces. Using a variety of materials- such as oil pastels and clay- children produce original work inspired by the style and techniques of the masters they have studied.

Parent Education & Family Support
In order to help children be as prepared as possible for kindergarten, research indicates that we must engage and support their parents and caregivers. To involve parents, we offer on-going parenting classes facilitated by our Early Learning Program Parent Advisor. These classes have included topics such as constructive disclipline, the importance of learning through play, early literacy, and kindergarten readiness. These classes offer parents a wonderful opportunity to acquire some wonderful information and develop friendships with fellow preschool parents.

Contact the Main Office for a class schedule of the State Pre-School program, and Parenting Classes.