Career Technical Education (CTE)




2024/25 Class Schedule
Quarter 1 - August 19th - October 19th
Tuesday - Thursday
9:00am - 12pm
5:30pm - 8:30pm

Registration begins July 29th

Register online by clicking on the following link: 24/25 REGISTRATION FORM

CTE Lab Fee: A $20 CTE lab fee must be paid in the office to complete your registration.
ID Requirement: School policy requires new and returning students to show a photo ID to confirm identity. Please bring your ID to the main office after you complete your registration form.
CTE Pathways
Each class lasts approximately 9 weeks.  Regular attendance is required.
*All pathways must register for Keyboarding as their first class*
For more details about how to complete your pathway, schedule an appointment with one of our helpful counselors!